Donating to our organization supports research and treatment for those with Fragile X syndrome. Your donation has an impact on the lives of children of all ages with special abilities as a result ff having Fragile X Syndrome.


You donation helps with:

  • Advancing research: Donations can help fund research into the causes of Fragile X syndrome, as well as potential treatments and cures.
  • Supporting families affected by Fragile X: Donations can help provide resources and support to families affected by Fragile X syndrome, including counseling, educational materials, and community events.
  • Raising awareness: Donations can help raise public awareness of Fragile X syndrome and its impact on individuals and families, leading to greater understanding and support.
  • Providing access to treatments: Donations can help fund programs that provide access to treatments and therapies for individuals with Fragile X syndrome, including speech and occupational therapy.
  • Improving quality of life: Donations can help improve the quality of life for individuals with Fragile X syndrome and their families, by funding programs that provide adaptive equipment, respite care, and other services.
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Last year we donated $10,000 to various local and national organizations for research, awareness, and support of those with Fragile X

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